Aug 302018

There are twelve ‘bad foods’ on the list.

This is what I live by.

To live longer and in excellent health I must salt my food to taste, take supplements that include 90 essential nutrients (BTT2). Enjoy a diet that includes healthy animal fat. Full fat milk: raw if possible. Six to eight eggs per 100 pounds of body weight per day. At least one steak a day with potatoes (baked or boiled), rice, okra, or other starch that’s not on the no list, and butter. Eliminate twelve things from my diet. Bottled oil. (1) Fried food. Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats, Corn (2), Soy (3), Baked potato skins. Well done red meat. Meat with nitrates added. Carbonated beverages with a meal. (4)
(1) including mayonnaise, margarine, food with/packed in oil. (2) Likely GMO and/or RoundUp (A known carcinogen to the World Health.) was used in its production. (3) High in estrogen. Likely GMO. Likely RoundUp was used in its production. (4) Carbonated beverages leach calcium and neutralize stomach acid. Ideal stomach ph is 1.

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