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Paul Gilbert Lesson
Guitar Tricks

Carputer Drawings
Scrabble Helper

Forza 2
Forza Motorsport Home
Race Simulator for Home or Corporate Entertainment- Aaron Ogus Professional Race Car Driver

Cool Videos
wikipedia New_Amsterdam_(TV_series)

Joe's carputer setup has a couple of these:
Buffalo WHR-G54S
One in the car one in the SOHO.

Someday Maybe List
Lunch Box 360

This project for the time being has been put on hold for my Triple Screen setup. The triple screens that is, I don't have the racing seat or the wheel. Or for that matter a rear display. However I do plan to get the wheel. And I have priced a butt kicker. But at this time I haven't proceeded any futher. Presently working on taxes. If all goes as planned the wheel will be aquired shortly.

A MythTV system with multiple back ends with four or more tuners each. And of course lots of hard drive space. We're leaning toward knoppmyth for ease of software configuration. From looking at card specs and reading owner comments this is the NTSC tuner of choice: WINTV-PVR 250 (as of Easter '07 J&R has a better price)
--- 1-1-08
I ended up using Windows XP Media Edition with four tuner cards with room for two more. I usually don't record more than three things at the same time. So four is over kill. Oh well.

I've finally seen the light of SageTV.
I have four screens available for video game rig. Three of which are 22" wide screens. As can be seen here:
Presently just the middle and right are setup to be used with the computer.

Vine ripe tomatoes 366 days a year.
I would imagine that I would need one or more green houses or similar growing rooms and some sort of temperature controlled hydroponic setup.

With a system something like this: Link
(I have a 2006 Ranger. I am planing on mounting the compressor to the frame on the right opposite the fuel tank. And a five or more gallon air tank also on the right side but behind the rear axel. For air receptacle locations I'm thinking inside the front of the bed on the right and left sides. As for "piping" it all together I am planning to use 3/8" id hose.
Connected as per insturtions on Extreme Outback's site.)
Air Compressor
Recently took delivery of a OBS. So my recipe section will likely grow.


These are all 'good eats'

Baked Mashed Potatoes
Bean & Cheese Tacos
Dave's Classic Rum Cake
Janet's Fudge Topping
Great Cheese Sandwich
Taco Beef and Cheese Sandwich
Joe's Bean Dip or Kicked Up Refried Beans
Oregano Rice
Oven BBQ Chicken
Texas Hash
Wine poached, fried, brined, chicken with onions and oregano rice

More Than Pepper; -Equall parts black pepper, garlic powder, chili powder and salt. Very good mixed in ground beef and on pan fritz.

1 table spoon per pound of ground beef combined well.
My sister found this. I've tried several recipes from this book (pdf). Very good. I personally didn't care for the white cake. But everything else rocks.

Food to try:

I tinker with Gentoo Linux. Unfortunatley for me I don't always remember the commands. I will list the ones that I find helpful here:

adding kernel features (For 2.6 kernel)
# cd /usr/src/linux
# make menuconfig
# make && make modules_install
# cp /boot/
# cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage
# cp .config /boot/config

nic0 ip address on local box # ifconfig eth0

Gentoo Linux x86 Handbook
Gentoo Documentation Resources
a workable xorg.conf

Install Gentoo w/ Knoppix disk.
app portage links for my next Gentoo install
net-ftp/proftpd   An advanced and very configurable FTP server
kaffeine   DVD player
kmplayer   media player continues to play when desktop is switched

gwenview KDE image viewer

On Linux and Windows 
Some great add ons
FireFox Plugins
Bookmark Sync and Sort
Download Sort

WindBlows free apps in no particular order
I particularly like "DriveImage XML" as I roll back to a fresh install of XP every couple of weeks. If I would do a true fresh install it would take quite a long time. And MicroSoft would insinuate that something illegal was happening. to boot.

web mail checker eprompter
web mail checker (IMO better web mail checker than eprompter) torrent-search-bar
Personal firewall plus zonealarm
ftp client Filezilla

The Best Windows' ripper for CDs Exact Audio Copy

Other useful stuff
Merriam-Webster Online
People Search - Background Checks
Texas Sales and Use Tax
Yellow Pages, White Pages, Maps, and more - Switchboard
ZIP Code Lookup

Art or the ravings of a mad man?
Classic TV shows that you must check out. Coupling is a favorite. Some episodes shined more than others. One in particular that's fantastic is called "The Women With Two Breasts" I refer to it here as Shadayim.
Twiddler symbols

I don't think 'tinker' is really the right word here. I'm not programming. I am merely using Linux applications from the Gentoo distribution. I like the varity of things that it can do. And I really like the price. (Better than free as the source code is there too. And one day I might just modify the code for something that would not only benefit me but others as well.)
The idea as I see it is merely a dream. But short of the impossible there are many ways to make your car more fuel efficient.
Eagle Research
Dunball - Energy and Fuel Saving Devices

Adjustable MAP sensor
Oxygen Sensor Simulator
Hydrogen Boosters

created with Quanta and the Gimp in KDE on Gentoo

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