Inspired by this laptop.

The latest's thing that I want to put together is a combo lunch box with a 360 and a Jetway Hybrid J7F2WE1G2E Mini-ITX. Sata jumper readily accessible to enable the Jetway to also use the 360's optical drive. A power switch for the pc and one for the 360. A regular keyboard w/ a numerc keypad on the right and a touch pad below. like this one.

19" or larger monitor. Water cooled 360.

Another thought at this point is actually having an optical drive for the PC. A Pioneer 111D.

I saw a video today on one of the fan boy sites, a keyboard and possibly a mouse would be helpful here and there so I will definitely be using a kvm. For out and about situations I will have a good selection of my music collection on the PC. No sence clogging up the already over full 20G drive w/ music and other collected goodies.

It will have wifi for wireless surfing and lan parties. A pair of 'PC' speakers. A standard keyboard and a mouse. It might even have legs as it will be heavier than the pos that is currently on my lap. No legs. Maybe a TV tray. Cubbies for keyboard, mouse, game controllers and power brick storage / transport.

Pictures as it comes together.

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